Danica Patrick Is Leaving The Petty Family In Her Dust

Vince Agusta
By Vince Agusta February 17, 2014 11:33 Updated

Danica Patrick Is Leaving The Petty Family In Her Dust

Written By: Vincent M. Agusta
Published: February 17th 2014

We are less than a week away from the biggest race in the world and already we are hearing some thunder coming out of the Daytona International Speedway. With the Daytona 500 just around the corner, the world’s most famous beach has been taken over by the media covering the event. The speedway is currently being upgraded under heavy construction and it will be completed in a couple of years. However, that is just a back story to the fighting words the Petty family has been slinging at Danica Patrick.

The reason why NASCAR is so popular right now is because of Danica Patrick, and some people just can’t take it. She is single handily saving the sport and bringing in a new generation and demographic of viewers. The fans back in the day of the King Richard Petty are either fed up with the sport regarding the changes it has made over the years, or they simply passed on to greater grandstands in NASCAR heaven. Richard Petty helped build the sport from its moonshining days and had a huge part bringing in endorsements. Petty rocked STP logos everywhere, kind of like Danica making the GoDaddy brand famous. NASCAR was struggling until Danica Patrick took the track; now sales are sky rocketing every time she is in a race and she has the weight of the sport on her shoulders.

As we all know Richard Petty said, “Danica can only win if everybody else stayed home.” I bet a lot of people felt that way about his son. Danica Patrick has been racing since the age of 16 when she moved to England to compete professionally. Danica has racing in her blood; her father raced snowmobiles, motocross, and midget cars. Danica has won on the world’s most popular racing circuit the Indy Car series in 2008 in Japan, and just last year won the pole for the Daytona 500.

Danica Patrick has done something the King Richard Petty will never accomplish and that’s winning on a global stage taking home an Indy Cup victory. Danica Patrick will be one of the few drivers in due time to have an Indy Cup win go along with winning a race in NASCAR. You might be saying Petty raced in a different time, well both Mario Andretti and A.J. Foyt accomplished that feat during Petty’s era. Racing is simply racing; Danica actually won on a course not just making left turns the entire time. Racing has advanced so much over the years there is no doubt Danica is competing against tougher competition than drivers in the past in both INDY and NASCAR Series.

Then a while back Richard Petty’s son, Kyle, said, “”She can go fast, and I’ve seen her go fast. She drives the wheels off it when she goes fast. She’s not a race car driver. There’s a difference”, really! Has Kyle Petty ever heard of Wikipedia; just type in Danica Patricks name and see what comes up. I bet Kyle has typed in Danica’s name but that is only on Google Images. Danica has very little help on the track, I am sure being the son of Richard Petty gives some advantages while racing. Over the last decade, we have witnessed Jimmy Johnson just dominate every driver on the track, he is clearly the best driver in modern day NASCAR. However he has not packed the stands, is that his fault of course not. As I said earlier, a lot of original fans have left the sport because of drastic changes. Does Jimmy Johnson bring in a new generation of fans, yes he does but not enough to sustain the sports health. For NASCAR to survive, they have to rely on their Franchise Danica Patrick; this is no longer the moon shining days they have to capitalize on the young female fan base carrying around the Scooby Doo Danica stuffed animals.

Danica Patrick at 4:08

Danica doesn’t have to be the best race car driver ever; she just has to be Danica. Danica is a competitor and a winner, there is no doubt in my mind (Or The Nations Mind) she will win a race. I just don’t get the hate behind some people towards Danica, but then I realized they are just jealous. There is a reason why Danica Patrick is saving NASCAR like it or not, just think about it. I am pretty sure *Sarcastic* Danica Patrick just started to race in NASCAR a couple of years ago, and the sport was perfect until she got here *Sarcastic Again*. So now we are at this point in the sport because people stood by and the person taking heat is Danica, go figure. So everyone can continue to stand by while Danica leaves you in her dust!

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Vince Agusta
By Vince Agusta February 17, 2014 11:33 Updated
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  1. Goose February 20, 13:19

    Excellent observation about Danica not having to be the greatest driver ever to have an impact on her sport. Take that observation with Petty’s comments about Danica only being able to win if everyone stays home and you quickly realize the Author is right about his opinion that the Petty’s are being “petty”. If she was as bad as Petty states why would he even need to make that comment unless he for some strange reason she is rubbing against the protected NASCAR tradition and turf (track).

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